‘Diablo 3’ Patch 1.0.3 Release Is Just The Beginning: Blizzard To Launch Big Changes For ‘Max Level’ Characters
Is Blizzard about to announce a return to Sanctuary? Blizzard

Update: Brevik has quashed rumours that he is personally involved in a new Diablo game, tweeting: "There has been a lot of speculation (and hope), but I'm not working on the Diablo franchise currently or in the near future."

Original Story: Rumours are swirling that Blizzard is set to unveil a new entry in the Diablo franchise at Blizzcon 2016 in November. At the heart of the speculation lies a four-sided die and a cryptic tweet from Diablo 2 project lead David Brevik that could be pointing to an announcement on 4 November in Los Angeles.

While a pair of tweets from Brevik and former Blizzard North vice president Bill Roper had previously led to speculation that a remaster of 2000's Diablo 2 could be in the works, a promotional goody bag distributed ahead of this year's Blizzcon event has convinced conspiracy theorists that Diablo 4 is actually on the way.

YouTuber Rhykker posted a video touting the contents of the promo pack, with a particular focus on a four-sided "D4" die that had odd markings on the face usually reserved for the number three.

Instead, the side had a pair of number ones and a single four, which Rhykker (and several comments on the video) believe to reference Blizzard's convention on 4 November, with the D4 also an acronym for Diablo 4.

A recent tweet from Brevik (16 October) has fuelled the fire further, although no one can seem to work out why. The tweet (embedded below) pictures the Libra constellation, which is connected to the zodiac sign of the same name.

In astrology, Libra spans between 23 September to 22 October, but as Eurogamer later noted, in sidereal astrology Libra runs between 16 October and 17 November - the period in which Blizzcon 2016 is set to take place.

If this all sounds a bit.... insane, it's worth noting that Blizzard already has several Diablo-themed events planned to celebrate the franchise's 20th anniversary. With two decades having passed since the original Diablo in 1996, and four years since the initial release of Diablo 3, perhaps a return to the pioneering dungeon crawler is indeed on the way after all?

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