A successful headteacher described by one of her victims as a "disgusting sexual monster" has been found guilty of assaulting two teenager schoolboys.

Anne Lakey, 55, was found guilty of having sex with two schoolchildren aged 13 and 15, in the 1980 over a three-year-period.

The news surfaced after one of Lakey's victims wrote to her school outlining the abuse suffered by him and another student some 25 years ago.

The e-mail read: "I can't believe this woman is still working with young people. She shouldn't be allowed to go anywhere near young people, especially boys. She had sex with me when I was only 13."

Despite succeeding in her career and progressing to the role of national leader in education, Lakey was suspended of her duties as the chief executive of the Durham Federation of Schools following the accusatory email.


As investigations started, Lakey even attempted to persuade the victim to lie.

"The delivery was like A Level psychology 101. There was the initial 'my poor father, lost my mother' - a trump card to play," recalled the victim who is now a father.

"There was 'my career, my daughter, my husband. I've definitely not had sex with any other children since' was mentioned early on.

"It was laid on thick, emotionally at the start, towards the end there was flattery alongside that."

Lakey took the victim's virginity at 13 on her marital bed and the relationship continued in secrecy with the victim recalling hiding in her cupboard once to prevent being caught, reported Sky News.

She even called up the victim's school pretending to be his "mummy" to get him to skip classes so she could have sex with the teenager while her husband was away.

"She was someone who was respected and seen as successful by the community. These boys should have been safe in her company, instead of being damaged by their experience," said Detective Inspector Aelf Sampson, of Durham Police.

"Regardless of whether these boys appear to have been willing participants in the offences, they could not consent by law to what happened. The law is there to protect victims."

Lakey is to be sentenced on 24 June at the Teesside Crown Court.