The Lego Movie
Any profs out there? Warner Bros

Anyone with a doctorate in Lego out there? The prestigious Cambridge University is seeking a professor to head up a new Research Centre of Play in Education, Development and Learning — or what the Telegraph is calling a professor of Lego.

The new centre — and the professor-director job — will be funded with a $6.2m (£4m) pledge from the Lego Foundation.

The Lego Foundation, which owns 25% of Denmark-based toy company Lego, aims to "make children's lives better — and communities stronger — by making sure the fundamental value of play is understood, embraced and acted upon," notes its website.

As for the professor job, it will begin in October, and the candidate will be chosen by a board of electors. The centre will be part of the Faculty of Education. The school's vice-chancellor has "accepted with gratitude" the Lego Foundation pledge, notes the Cambridge Reporter.