26-year-old Chloe Haines terrified passengers, injured cabin crew, and threatened the safety of a Jet2 flight from Stansted to Turkey. The young woman admitted to her actions at the Chelmsford Crown Court even though she denied being under the influence of alcohol. Haines will have to return to court on January 24, 2020, for her sentencing.

In June, Haines was travelling from Stansted to Turkey with her wheelchair-bound grandmother. 45-minutes into the flight, Haines created an alarming commotion which led to two Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter planes to be dispatched to intercept the Airbus 321.

Haines supposedly panicked and ended up confronting the cabin crew. Eventually, Haines became violent and attacked cabin crew member, Charley Coombe, and scratched her up. Haines also tried to go for the aircraft door, screaming that she will kill everyone on the flight. Even though aircraft doors cannot be opened once the aircraft takes flight, the woman's attempts created panic among the passengers.

Jet2 passenger tried to open aircraft door mid-flight while screaming that she wanted to kill everyone on-board. Getty Images

When the cabin crew failed to placate the rampaging woman, a passenger stepped in to control the situation. The passenger, a former bouncer, tackled Haines and took her down. Finally, the cabin crew was able to secure Haines. A dramatic picture taken by a passenger showed the inebriated Haines being dragged down the aisle. The flight had to turn back and return to Stansted, causing further inconvenience to the other passengers.

During her hearing at the Chelmsford Crown Court, Haines denied that she was drunk during the incident. However, from witness reports, it was very evident that Haines' actions were under the influence of alcohol.

Before her drunken rampage on the Jet2 flight, the court heard that Haines had committed a similar offence. The Sun reported that for her previous offence, Haines had only received a 17-day community order. In tears, Haines pleaded guilty for her actions during the Jet2 flight.

Jet2 has slapped Haines with an £85,000 bill for damages. The High Wycombe, Bucks resident is now out on bail. She has to return to court in January to hear her sentencing. Even though she is out on bail, Haines bail conditions prevent her from taking a flight from any airport in the United Kingdom.