Dominic West is working on saving his marriage with Catherine Fitzgerald and he has reportedly promised to never speak or work with Lily James again.

The 51-year-old "Affair" star is trying to win his wife's trust again after he was caught cheating on her with the "Cinderella" actress. He has agreed to join her and a couple of friends, beauty entrepreneur Charlotte Tilbury and BBC's former creative director Alan Yentob, to island destination Lamu in Kenya so they can work things out.

However, the getaway is far from the only thing that West agreed on. According to the Daily Mail, he has also agreed to cut ties with the 32-year-old James as part of "some strict new rules to guide" his behaviour moving forward.

"He has promised never to see, speak or work with Lily again. Also, there are to be no joint promotional interviews for the forthcoming TV adaptation of Nancy Mitford's novel 'The Pursuit Of Love,' in which they both star," a friend of the couple said.

West has reportedly talked about his promotional campaign for the series with BBC bosses, who were surprised but nonetheless agreed to his request. This means he could back out from any promotional work and leave it to his co-stars Freddie Fox and Andrew Scott.

Aside from cutting any communication with James, West and Fitzgerald have reportedly also talked about the "idea of remarrying."

"Nothing was decided, or has been yet, but Catherine brought up the idea and it was much discussed. It shows how far things have come since those photographs," the friend added.

West and James made headlines in October last year after photos of their romantic getaway in Rome leaked. They were pictured kissing at a restaurant and being cosy while on a stroll around the city.

Shortly after the release of the pictures, West and Fitzgerald showed a united front for paparazzi outside their Cotswolds home in the U.K. They also posted a handwritten note outside their house to deny reports that they have divorced after 10 years of marriage. In it, they wrote that their "marriage is strong" and that they are "very much still together." James, on the other hand, has never addressed the scandal.

Dominic West
Dominic West plays Uncle Matthew opposite Lily James as Linda Radlett in the BBC series "The Pursuit of Love." Simon Kisner from london, england, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons Simon Kisner/Wikimedia Commons