Just days after his new campaign manager insisted he does not go in for "personal insults," Donald Trump called a female TV network host "neurotic" and "not very bright."

The tweets against Mika Brzezinski, a co-host of MSNBC's weekday morning news show, Morning Joe, were reminiscent of his name-calling of Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who he referred to as a "bimbo" several times after she challenged the candidate's treatment of women.

Trump lashed out after the segment in which Brzezinski and Scarborough criticised the mogul for his campaign approach, joking that he sometimes talks "like he's had a lot to drink," and "he can't change."

Trump had previously enjoyed Morning Joe, where he showed up a number of times to chat during the primary race. However, earlier in August, Scarborough wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post urging the Republican Party to drop Trump from their ticket, after the candidate's comments urging "Second Amendment people" to "do something" about Hillary Clinton.

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US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has attacked another female television host Aaron P Bernstein/ Reuters

Trump saved his vitriol in particular for the female half of the team, calling Brzezinski, "off the wall, a neurotic and not very bright mess."

Trump also implied that the co-hosts, a divorced couple, were secretly dating, calling the pair "two clowns."

Scarborough snapped back at the Trump tweets: "Neurotic and not very bright? Look in the mirror!"

Trump's attack on another woman in the media is unlikely to help him with female voters. According to the most recent poll, Democratic contender Hillary Clinton has opened a 23-point lead over Trump among women.

The Republican nominee's tweets came just a day after his new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, insisted in an interview that Trump does not attack people personally. "He doesn't hurl personal insults," she told ABC News, adding that Trump has "said that he regrets causing personal pain to those who feel it based on things that he has said."