Presumptive Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump and Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly finally had it out about the "B word" in a televised interview. Trump acting shocked that he had ever referred to the journalist as a 'bimbo'.

The interview apparently represented some kind of detente between Kelly and the candidate, who previously blasted her as "crazy" and "lightweight" while struggling in the polls with female voters.

Trump began to attack Kelly after she challenged him early in the campaign during a candidates' debate about how female voters might feel about him calling women "fat pigs" and "dogs."

When Kelly asked him about calling her a bimbo, Trump responded: "Well that was a retweet, yeah. Did I say that?" he asked, with a quizzical look on his face.

Kelly: "Many times."

Trump: "Ouf. Ok. Excuse me. Not the most horrible thing. Over your life, Megyn, you've been called a lot worse. Is that right? Wouldn't you say?"

Kelly: "It's not about me. It's about the messaging to young girls and to other women."

Trump: "No, no. It's a modern-day form of fighting back. It really is."

Kelly: "You gonna stop that as president?"

Trump: "I'm gonna stop that about you now because I think I like our relationship right now."

The New York Times recently did a damning piece on Trump's treatment of women. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus responded in an interview that "people just don't care."