US President Donald Trump has vowed to "win" the fight against the Islamic State (Isis).

In an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity, with whom Trump has a close friendship, the president said he wanted to defeat "the evil that lurks around the corner".

"These are bad people," he said of the terrorist group in comments carried by The Hill.

"They blow people up in a shopping centre, and they blow people up in a church, are sick and demented, and we're going to win."

Trump has spoken at great length about his intention to defeat Isis, although he has thus far refused to comment on his plans to do so – stressing during his presidential campaign that he would not reveal them as he wanted them to take Isis by surprise.

During the interview, which is set to air tonight (26 January), Trump said: "We have evil that lurks around the corner without the uniforms. The people we're going against, they don't wear uniforms."

Referencing World War Two, he added: "When you're fighting Germany and they had their uniforms and you're fighting Japan and they had their uniforms and they had their flags on the plane and the whole thing — we are fighting sneaky rats right now."

Trump's focus on terrorism was highlighted in his inauguration speech when he vowed to "unite the civilised world against radical Islamic terrorism".