Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump can count on at least one person in the media to support him after he blasted Senator John McCain's time as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War: Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy.

On 22 July, Doocy compared Trump to "a Navy SEAL" for refusing to succumb to criticism.

The former reality TV star appeared on Doocy's show to defend himself after his controversial comments against McCain and he released fellow candidate Senator Lindsey Graham's personal mobile number.

"All of a sudden these guys are calling me names," Trump said. "I'm trying to be nice, I want to be nice, I'm a nice person. But everyone is calling me names."

Earlier this week, Graham attacked Trump during an interview with CNN, referring to the outspoken candidate as a "jacka**".

"What he said about John, I think, was offensive. He's become a jacka** at a time when we need to have a serious debate about the future of the party and the country," Graham said to CNN's Kate Bolduan. "This is a line he's crossed, and this is the beginning of the end of Donald Trump...I am really pissed."

In response, Trump released Graham's phone number during a campaign stop. "Since I went to number one in the polls, they're having a field day on me," Trump told Doocy.

Doocy, quickly came to Trump's defence. "You know what, somebody told me yesterday, Donald Trump is like a Navy SEAL. He never backs down from a fight," he said.

$10b fortune?

The Fox host's defence of Trump arrived the same day that the real estate mogul's alleged $10b (£6.4b) fortune is revealed by the Federal Election Commission in a 92-page personal financial disclosure report.

According to Business Insider, Trump's campaign filed the disclosure with the FEC on 15 July and said the report could not fully detail his "massive" net worth because it "was not designed for a man of Mr Trump's massive wealth."

A statement by his campaign said, "For instance, they have boxes once a certain number is reached that simply state $50 million or more. Many of these boxes have been checked. As an example, if a building owned by Mr. Trump is worth $1.5 billion, the box checked is '$50,000,000 or more."

Business Insider reported that The Donald has cited several different figures since launching his presidential bid. At the time of his announcement, Trump released a one-page report listing his net worth at $8.7b, but his campaign has since said that has risen well over $10b.