Donald Trump
Donald Trump insists that his references to Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly were misunderstood Reuters

Controversial Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has landed himself in hot water again as a comment he made about television debate host Megyn Kelly of Fox News was taken as a reference to her menstrual cycle.

After being challenged on previous sexist comments he had made in the past calling some women "fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals" Trump slammed the host and insisted that her questions were "ridiculous" and "off-base" during a live debate with his fellow Republican nominee hopefuls.

"You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes," Trump told CNN last night (Friday 7 August), "blood coming out of her wherever".

Trump then attempted to clarify the remark on Twitter.

He wrote: "Re Megyn Kelly quote: 'you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever' (NOSE). Just got on w/thought."

In response Trump has now provoked a storm of outrage that has led to RedState boss Erick Erickson barring him from the high-profile Altlanta conservative event's Saturday line-up.

Erickson said: "There are even lines blunt talkers and unprofessional politicians should not cross. Decency is one of those lines.

"As much as I do personally like Donald Trump, his comment about Megyn Kelly on CNN is a bridge too far for me.

"In a CNN interview, Mr. Trump said of Megyn Kelly 'you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever'.

"It was not the 'blood coming out of her eyes' part that was the problem.

"I think there is no way to otherwise interpret Mr Trump's comment. In an attempted clarification, Mr. Trump's team tells me he meant 'whatever', not 'where ever'."

Trump replied to his critics at Redstate by taking to Twitter and stated that, "political correctness" was "killing [the] country".

The spat is the latest in a series of gaffes from the billionaire businessman, known for his outlandish comments.

On launching his campaign for the US Republican presidential nomination Trump managed to upset an entire nation of Mexicans. He said that migrants from the country entering the US were, "bringing drugs, they are bringing crime" and also referred to them as "rapists".

Trump has vowed to construct a wall stretching along the border between the US and Mexico to deal with the immigration issue.

It is also less than a month since Trump upset US military veterans when he said that he "liked people that weren't captured" during wars in a thinly-veiled barb against previous Republican presidential hopeful Senator John McCain who was held as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam for more than five years.

According to commentators, Trump still remains the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination.