US president-elect Donald Trump, who is busy picking loyalists for top jobs in his cabinet, is expected to meet one of his biggest critics – Mitt Romney – on Saturday, 19 November. Trump's discussion with Romney, a fellow party member and a former presidential hopeful, could include the position of the secretary of state.

A source familiar with the upcoming meeting between the two told Reuters on Thursday (17 November) that they are expected to discuss several issues during an elaborate meeting and secretary of state candidacy would possibly be one of them.

Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway did not confirm if there was a meeting on Saturday, but said: "We're working on it." Many names, including former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, have already surfaced so far for the post and are being touted as the favourites.

Giuliani, who was earlier being touted as a candidate for the attorney general's role dismissed the speculation recently at a public event, saying he was not becoming attorney general. US Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley are also in the race for the secretary of state's role.

Trump and Romney have been highly critical of each other in the recent past, with Romney even urging people to not vote for the fellow Republican. Trump also retorted tagging Romney as a failure, who could not manage to defeat Barack Obama in the previous presidential election in 2012.

However, the news about a possible meeting between them was welcomed by Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions – one of Trump's closest confidantes – who is being seen as a potential nominee for defence secretary.

"I think it's good that the president-elect is meeting with people like Mr. Romney," Sessions told reporters at Manhattan's Trump Tower on Thursday. "There are a lot of talented people that he (Trump) needs good relationships with. And I think Mr. Romney would be quite capable of doing a number of things. But he will be one of those, I am sure, that's reviewed. Donald Trump will make that decision," Reuters quoted him as saying.

Mitt Romney and Donald Trump
President-elect Donald Trump is expected to meet former US Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to discuss secretary of state candidacy - File photo Ethan Miller/Getty Images