Donald Trump has been mocked for looking like "a five-year-old drew what they think a president might look like".

Daniel Kibblesmith, a comedy writer on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, shared a hilarious thread of tweets after Trump arrived back at the White House on Sunday (17 December) following an overnight stay at Camp David.

As he departed, Trump tweeted: "Wonderful weekend at Camp David. A very special place. A lot of very important work done. Heading back to the @WhiteHouse now."

But one photo in particular taken by a pool photographer at Trump's arrival showed him in a white USA hat, paired a suit without a tie and with the top buttons undone, while looking gormlessly into the distance.

Kibblesmith tweeted, almost in disbelief, that "this is a real picture of the President of the United States, today". He then continued, resharing the photo each time, to mock the president in a series of tweets.

"He looks like he's crashing a funeral for the shrimp," he said. "He looks like Tommy Wiseau's dad," he added, referring to the director of The Room, often considered one of the worst movies ever made.

"One adult for Boss Baby," Kibblesmith continued, referring to the 2017 children's animated film.

"He looks like he wandered off five hours ago and they just found him with a flashlight. This is also the official uniform of holding up the line at a Las Vegas Starbucks. He looks like a kid in age make-up in a school play magically became old for real."

Kibblesmith ended on a serious point about the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Talk of potential treason was triggered in July, after Donald Trump Jr published emails in which he said "I love it"to the idea of getting information from Moscow which could damage Hillary Clinton.

The tweet read: "Honestly, he looks exactly like a guy being investigated for treason." And, referencing the USA hat, Kibblesmith added from Trump's point of view: "It's just crazy enough to work."

Just this weekend, Trump denied he planned to fire the investigation's special counsel Robert Mueller after he obtained thousands of emails from the president's team "unlawfully".

While returning from his trip to Camp David, Trump told reporters: "I can't imagine there's anything on them, frankly, because, as we said, there's no collusion." Trump has previously called the Russia investigation a "witch hunt" and denied working with Moscow prior to the 2016 election.