The Internet has spared no punches after US President Donald Trump delivered a keynote speech in Saudi Arabia on Sunday (21 May).

The speech focused on Trump's priorities for tackling international extremism and radical Islam around the globe. However, the top concern from the world of social media was the president's pronunciation of words which he stumbled over.

One word that seemingly gave Trump trouble was ethnicity – and Twitter was quick to jump on his case.

donald trump trying to say "ethnicity"

— 𝐣𝐚𝐤𝐞 (@Jakeshapedworld) May 21, 2017

If that speech and pronunciation of 'ethnicity' doesn't create peace in the Middle East, what will? #SaudiArabia #Trump

— Mohamed Khamis (@MKhamis86) May 21, 2017

Trump used 5 syIIabIes when saying "ethnicity"

— charlie phillips (@fimbriate) May 21, 2017

When trump said "ethnicity" I thought he was speaking Klingon.

— #RiggedHombre (@darkman1558) May 21, 2017

The words "chemical weapons" and "chaos" also seem to give Trump trouble in what was clearly a scripted speech. Sources told AP prior to delivery that the speech was written by Stephen Miller – Trump's senior adviser – who was also the brainchild behind the so-called US immigration ban from certain Muslim-majority countries.

All this sticking to the script is taking its toll. He's starting to stumble & struggle. #Trump's speech in Saudi.

— Carole (Ducky) (@IrPsych) May 21, 2017

Twitter also went into a frenzy when Trump praised Saudi Arabia on "empowering women" – despite being ranked 141st out of 144 countries in the World Economic Forum's 2016 Global Gender Gap Report.

Trump uses the term 'Empowering Women' in a country which held a 'Men Only' Toby Keith concert in his honor. #TrumpinSaudi

— Dave Ryan (@maddogg2463) May 21, 2017

Trump is using the phrase "empowering women" in front of men who's very economy and culture RUNS off the oppression of women. #TrumpInSaudi

— Amee KavaNOPE Vanderpool (@girlsreallyrule) May 21, 2017

Trump commends Saudi for empowering women. That's like praising Trump for his intellectual rigor

— Chemi Shalev (@ChemiShalev) May 21, 2017