Britney Spears' social media manager Cassie Petrey explained in a lengthy post on Wednesday that the singer handles her own social media accounts including the uploads of videos and photos.

The Crowd Surf co-founder shut down claims that her client relies on her digital media team to maintain her Instagram. She said the singer "creates her own posts and writes her own captions. She also "finds the google images, Pinterest images, quotes, memes, and everything else herself."

"Nobody is suggesting any of that stuff to her. She generally edits the videos herself. If a video she sends in is edited by her social media team, it's because she gave specific instructions and asked for it to be edited that way. Then she sees it and decides if she wants to post it or not, " Petrey explained on Instagram.

She shared that even though Spears has a team that helps her strategies, she personally creates her own posts to show that she is "living her life and trying to have fun." Her posts are not meant to further drive the #FreeBritney movement or the "conspiracy theories" involving her Instagram. She said the "Lucky" singer does not leave "secret messages in her social media."

Petrey also shut down rumours that Spears paid her to go on vacation with her in Hawaii. She also said she has no part in the singer's conservatorship as it is a "court and lawyer thing." The social media manager said she is speaking up to right "a lot of inaccurate theories" on the singer's social media presence and to give information without violating her or her client's privacy.

In closing, she said that people should not bully Spears on social media. Instead, they should
"just be nice" to her since that is "all she really wants."

"Don't bully her. She doesn't deserve it. She's having fun creating posts and sharing images that she likes. That's it. There's not some secret agenda to it. She's just having a good time, and I hope this helps people see it for what it actually is," Petrey wrote.

Petrey's explanation comes after fans claimed that Spears is being manipulated into posting certain content on Instagram. She is accused of reading from a script provided to her whenever she films a video and that her digital team handles everything for her.

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