Twitter wasted no time in going off-message as Nigel Farage revelled in Ukip's biggest coup yet with the defection of Douglas Carswell from the Conserative party.

Users of the social website mischievously speculated Carswell could find himself as the leader of Ukip inside a year.

Others reminded the former Tory - who is a prominent online presence - of his own expenses scandal experience.

Meanwhile, Carswell's relatively young age of 43 seemed a surprise to some to Twitter, who apparently thought Ukip supporters all had to be aged.

Here's is a round-up of the reaction to Carswell's bombshell for David Cameron. The prime minister has yet to take to Twitter with his own take on the matter.

Meanwhile, Tory donor and pollster Lord Ashcroft had his eye on how Carswell's defection went down with the bookies.

As for Cameron, the last tweet he wrote contained his thoughts on the acting of the late showbiz veteran Richard Attenborough.