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Chris Brown has reportedly been taken to hospital with a gash to his chin after a fight with Drake at a New York nightclub.

The 23-year-old Look at Me Now singer is believed to have got into a brawl at the Greenhouse nightclub when Drake taunted him over their previous relationships with Rihanna.

The musicians are said to have a long-running feud over Drake's brief fling with RiRi who is often described as the love of Brown's life.

Celebrity site MediaTakeOut claims that the final straw came when Brown sent a bottle of champagne to Drake's table as a peace offering.

The bottle was returned with a message boasting about Drake sleeping with RiRi.

An angry Brown confronted the Young Money rapper and was punched in the face and repeatedly hit with a bottle, said witnesses.

As bottles went flying it was not only Brown left bleeding. Innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire allegedly also left the club with bloody cuts from broken glass.

Whether it's a war of words, a catfight or a straight-up punch-up, it always makes for shocking viewing when stars lose their tempers and lash out.

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