A security camera at a fire station in South Carolina captured the terrifying moments a car spun out of control and crashed into the building. "It's not every day that our citizens bring their emergency to the fire house" a post on the Howe Springs Fire Department's Facebook page said, "but on Friday morning one of our citizens did just that".

Although the car and fire station were damaged in the incident, the two people travelling in the car were in stable condition when they were taken to hospital and did not appear to be critically injured. The incident took place in the early hours of 13 May.

Officials said the fire teams worked immediately to free the passengers from the vehicles, and had some assistance from other nearby emergency teams. "This unusual circumstance did not slow our firefighters down any," the Facebook post said.

"They removed extrication tools from the apparatus in the building and carried them outside to begin work. We hate the inconvenience of a damaged station, but we are thankful that the patients weren't critically injured", it continued. The station should be back in action in a month, officials said.