New technologies will shape the way we get our kicks in the future, and one company is banking on drones as the new go-to source of adrenaline for thrill seekers.

Latvian manufacturer Aerones has built a heavy-duty multicopter drone capable of lifting loads of up to 200kg and in a recent demonstration of its power, was used to perform the world's first "drone-jump".

Daredevil Ingus Augstkalns was lifted from the top of a telecommunications tower by the 28-propeller drone to a height of more than 1,000 feet into the air, whereupon he let go and plummeted back toward the ground. The skydiver free-fell for approximately one second before deploying his parachute and drifting safely to the ground.

Aerones' drones have been specially designed to carry heavy payloads, with potential applications ranging from firefighting to human rescue operations.

The company has also been demonstrating how its technology could for new types of extreme sports, including 'droneboarding', whereby a drone is used to tow snowboarders or wakeboarders at high speeds.

Aerones chief engineer Jānis Putrāms said: "Already in the near future, our technology will save human lives, will help to fight fires and carry out other challenging and significant work. With this project, we show that we are ready for serious tasks in the field of civil defence and sports."