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Joe Scott misbehaved in an easyJet toilet (File photo) iStock

A bricklayer has been fined almost £600 ($800) for urinating over "everything except the loo" while drunk on an internal UK easyJet flight from Bristol to Newcastle.

Joe Scott was part of stag party making the trip up north on 5 May when he decided he wanted to use the toilet while the aircraft was preparing to land and the seat belt signs were on.

The intoxicated 30-year-old told cabin crew he was going to be sick so they allowed him special dispensation to use the facility.

Once inside he relieved himself all over the sink, floor and walls of the cubicle and also on some items stored within by the flight team as part of the landing procedure.

The crew realised what Scott had done and informed the pilot who asked him to remain on board after landing. But he ignored this instruction and barged past flight attendants and off the aircraft.

He fell down the steps and landed face first on the tarmac at Newcastle International Airport before picking himself up and charging into the terminal.

Scott, of Pleasure Hill Close, Plymouth, told Newcastle Magistrates Court he had only started drinking because he had a fear of flying.

He pleaded guilty to being drunk in an aircraft, behaving in a disorderly manner on an aircraft and failing to obey the lawful command of a pilot. He was fined £575.

Rebecca Laverick, prosecuting, said: "The defendant got out his seat and asked if he could use the toilet and said he was going to be sick.

"The staff allowed him to use the toilet. It was prior to the aircraft landing and items had been put in there that don't usually belong there to keep them safe prior to landing.

"Staff waited outside until he came out the toilet. It appeared that he had urinated on all the items in the toilet and everything apart from the toilet. It was literally all over the place and over items stored there."

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Joe Scott was flying easyJet to Newcastle when the incident took place iStock

Laverick described Scott's response to being told that he should wait on the plane to be dealt with by the pilot after other passengers had disembarked from the aircraft.

"He got up and barged his way past [the cabin crew]. The movement of the defendant made one staff member stumble forwards onto the steps from the plane," she said.

"The defendant reached the base of the steps but, because of the speed he was going, he fell down the last few steps and landed in a heap ground, picked himself up and carried on into the building."

He caused a member of the flight team to lose her footing when he raced past. She said, in a statement: "The whole incident was completely unnecessary. I didn't receive any injuries but I was shocked at the way he did that. It put me off balance. I'm surprised passengers feel they can get away with this kind of behaviour."

Ian Cassidy, defending, pointed to the fact it was Scott's first offence and insisted that he was genuinely feeling sick when he had asked to go to the toilet.