E-cigarettes have seen a meteoric rise in the UK over the past year despite the health implications of the products still being a matter of debate.

The latest figures from health charity ASH found that there are now at least 2.1 million 'vapers' in the UK and investment bank Goldman Sachs has predicted that annual global sales of e-cigarettes will top the $10 billion (£5.83 billion) mark within the next few years.

With the negative health effects of traditional tobacco cigarettes well and truly established, the e-cigarette industry has been hailed by some as the future of the industry.

However, not all are in favour of the rapidly growing e-cigarette industry, with some large pharmaceutical companies directly attempting to divert people away from e-cigarettes through advertising campaigns urging people not to 'vape'.

A recent report by a team of researchers at the University College London found that, out of 6,000 people, 20% had found smoking e-cigarettes had helped them give up traditional smoking.

Despite these findings, smoking e-cigarettes is banned in numerous public places like train stations and cinemas.