Film-maker Paul Rosolie will be \'eaten alive\' by an anaconda during a TV show, angering animal rights activists
Film-maker Paul Rosolie will be \'eaten alive\' by an anaconda during a TV show and this has angered animal rights activists. Facebook: Paul Rosolie

Discovery channel will air its controversial programme Eaten Alive tonight in which film maker Paul Rosolie will be 'eaten alive' by a giant green anaconda for the popular show.

Before the premiere, the show garnered huge attention from fans and critics alike as fans feel that the entire procedure will bring immense pain to the wild creature of the Amazon swamps.

Rosolie, the 27-year-old film maker, has insisted that he is an animal lover and the anaconda swallowing him will not harm the jungle beast.

"We need the Amazon ecosystem. I've watched scientists work their whole lives to raise awareness, but deforestation continues, I was thinking of doing something that would grab people and force a spotlight on the area at this point, because it's kind of now or never," Rosolie told USA Today.

"She nailed me right in the face, and the last thing I remember was her mouth open wide, straight in my face, and everything went black. I went limp and let it constrict. All the while I was just thinking: 'Eat, eat, eat!'"

The infotainment channel, meanwhile, has defended itself and maintained that the programme, while entertaining the viewers, will not bring any pain to the snake.

Discovery also said that the programme intends to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the endangered Amazon River environment.

The film maker will wear a protective-crush proof suit before bathing in pigs blood in order to become the bait of the anaconda.

Eaten Alive will premiere this Sunday on 9pm ET on Discovery Channel.

In case you miss the episode on time, click here to watch the episode online on the channel's official website.