Film-maker Paul Rosolie will be 'eaten alive' by an anaconda during a TV show, angering animal rights activists
Film-maker Paul Rosolie will be 'eaten alive' by an anaconda during a TV show and this has angered animal rights activists. Facebook: Paul Rosolie

Paul Rosolie will be eaten alive by the giant anaconda on live TV for Discovery channel's popular show Eaten Alive which will premiere this Sunday.

The film maker will become bait for a green jungle beast in the swamps of the Amazon. The infotainment channel has said that though the programme will offer sheer thrill to its viewers, it will also raise awareness about the importance of preserving the endangered Amazon River environment.

"We need the Amazon ecosystem. I've watched scientists work their whole lives to raise awareness, but deforestation continues," Rosolie told USA Today.

"I was thinking of doing something that would grab people and force a spotlight on the area at this point, because it's kind of now or never."

The 27-year-old film maker has already shot the snake eating him alive sequence last spring but keeps mum about his controversial yet unique adventure, the website reported.

The Eaten Alive team and Rosolie are insisting that they used a specially designed carbon-fibre suit which ensures the safety of the human bait. Rosolie attracts the jungle beast by wearing the special suit covered in pig's blood.

"Once the snake hit me and wrapped, I was in its coils for over an hour," he explains his rare experience. "What I can tell you is the last thing I saw was the snake striking directly at the face mask, this view of the snake's mouth wide open. Everything went black. The crush is just incredible."

Meanwhile, People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals has appealed to Discovery not to air the controversial show but as per the channel's website, the show will air on schedule."I think we understood some people were going to be a bit outraged just by the nature of the program," Discovery executive producer Michael Sorensen said while responding to the massive outrage for hurting an animal.

"They're having a reaction to this without having a lot of information. Once they see the show and understand what Paul is about and what he stands for, I think critics of Paul and the show will start to understand that it has a lot deeper meaning and that it's not a stunt for stunt's sake."

Watch the sneak peek videos of the controversial show by clicking here.

Eaten Alive airs on Sunday at 9pm ET on the Discovery Channel.