Ebola Mali
A police officer stands guard outside the quarantined Pasteur Clinic in Bamako November 12, 2014 Reuters

Mali authorities have quarantined 70 people who came in contact with a nurse who died from the deadly Ebola virus while treating patients at a clinic in Bamako, the capital.

The 25-year-old medical worker had treated an imam from Guinea who was infected with the virus.

The imam was not tested not for Ebola while in the Pasteur Clinic in Bamako, and it was only later discovered that he had died of the disease.

The nurse who had been treating him has since died of the disease, and it is suspected that a doctor who worked with the nurse at the clinic also died of Ebola.

Authorities in Mali have placed those who came in contact with the nurse - believed to be 70 people - under a 21-day quarantine.

Questions have been asked about the response time between the imam dying and the steps being taken to quarantine those who came in contact with him.

"This case shows the lack of training of doctors in Bamako. This training should have been done six months ago," one unnamed aid worker told Reuters.

Some 57 people were quarantined as a result of coming into contact with a two-year old while she was suffering with Ebola. These people have since completed their quarantine.