Pink Pistols
The groom's friend did not mean to shoot him (file photo) Jim Urquhart/ Reuters

An Egyptian groom did not get the wedding night he was hoping for after a friend got over excited and accidentally shot him in the genitals during the stag-do. Osman al-Alsaied, 28, was rushed to hospital after one of his buddies blasted some celebratory gunshots – but forgot to aim upwards.

The victim, who is still a bachelor, suffered serious wounds to his testicles, thigh and hand as a result of what must be one of the worst things anyone has ever done on a stag-do – a low bar, indeed.

Alsaied was celebrating with friends the night before his wedding at a party when an exuberant 26-year-old guest decided to fire his gun into the air.

But his aim was unbelievably poor and managed to fire several shots into the soon-to-be married man's body. He then dishonourably fled the crime scene but was later apprehended by police.

It is not known if the wounded man's bride still plans to marry the him, or whether his organ will ever again be fully functional.

The story has gone viral in Egypt and alarmed social media users have not held back in their condemnation of the suspect's stupidity.

"If you did this while expressing your happiness, what would you have done if you were angry or upset?" one said. Another added: "Enough of your regression. Learn from other people's mistakes."

In October, another Egyptian wedding was marred when a 30-year-old man was hit in the thigh by a stray bullet. Falling bullets from celebratory gunshots aimed into the air kill about 25 people around the world each year.