In 2010 Penny and Ron Jones were awarded MBEs by the Queen for their services to children and families having fostered nearly 300 children, but one of those children now stands accused of attempted murder following the alleged botched bombing of a London Underground train.

The hunt for those responsible for planting the bomb, which partially detonated at Parsons Green station in West London on 15 September, led counter-terror police to the home of Mr and Mrs Jones in Sunbury, Surrey.

One day following the incident - which injured 30 people - police raided the elderly couple's home.

Later that same day 18-year-old Ahmed Hassan was arrested at the port of Dover. On 22 September he was charged with attempted murder and causing an explosion.

The ordeal has left Penny and Ron Jones "shell-shocked" according to their 45-year-old son, who spoke to The Mail on Sunday about his parents and their recent experience.

"It's hard to believe that two people who have done so much have to suffer the indignity of having their lives dissected," he said. "My parents have worked tirelessly for the benefit of other people's children who are in need.

"[Mum] just keeps telling me she's shell-shocked. She hasn't been sleeping. But this won't break mum. She's too strong and practical."

Jones believes the couple - Penny, 77, and Ron, 88 - should give up fostering, but suspects they'll continue.

"Knowing what mum and dad are like, I wouldn't be surprised if they take a respite and then start again."

Locals have said that the Jones' currently have two foster children - aged 18 and 22 - who were staying with them at the time of the raid. It's believed the couple are staying with friends as police continue their investigation.

Surrey county councillor Alison Griffiths, who knows the couple, described them as "pillars of the community" adding that "they do a job that not many people do."

A family friend added: "All I know is that they gave up fostering and someone got in touch with them and they started taking kids again, refugees, about a year ago."

In an interview with the BBC following the announcement that Mr and Mrs Jones were to be awarded MBEs, Penny said: "We [foster] because we find it rewarding... We open our hearts to all the children. Anybody that comes to us we will do whatever we can do to help them with whatever they need.

"There must have been hundreds of children. I try to stay in touch with them. Some have been adopted. I send them birthday cards – it's a very extended family."

In addition to Hassan, five other men were arrested following the attack, including a 17-year-old man and two other men who were released without charge. Two further men, aged 25 and 30, are still in custody.