86-year-old woman alleged bank robbery
An 86-year-old woman was arrested following an alleged bank robbery in Philadelphia. Fox 29

An 86-year-old woman was arrested on Tuesday (21 November) after allegedly robbing a bank at gunpoint for $400 (£302).

The elderly woman entered the bank at around 2pm pushing a stroller, held out a .38 calibre revolver and demanded money from the tellers. The bank manager handed over $400 and called police, who quickly arrived at the TD Bank in Philadelphia.

According to Fox 29 News, police later said the gun was not loaded but the woman did have bullets in her handbag. She had reportedly made a bank withdrawal on Monday but, when she got home, thought the bank had shortchanged her by $400.

"That's crazy and mind-blowing," one bank customer told the TV station. Another said: "I've never heard of a bank robber of that age, and armed." A third passer-by said: "I'm concerned. I mean, 86 or 26, she had a gun."

The woman, who has not been named, was arrested and held at the bank for four hours while police questioned employees. At about 6pm, the 86-year-old retired corrections officer was handcuffed and taken into custody.

She reportedly faces bank robbery and possession of weapons charges.