Jim Messina, an aide to Prime Minister David Cameron, told BuzzFeed News that the Conservative Party's win during the 7 May general election is good news for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Messina, a former Obama aide, said Cameron is "a progressive leader" who has "pushed for gay marriage and a world climate change deal and proposed to increase child care subsidies and cut taxes on the minimum wage".

According to BuzzFeed, Messina was a top adviser to the Conservative campaign and led the party's attacks on Labour leader Ed Miliband. Labour was advised by another former Obama adviser, David Axelrod.

Messina told BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith that he learned from Bill Clinton to look forward in campaigns. He added that Miliband, who resigned following Labour's devastating defeat, "was talking about going back to the 70s and 80s." However, that's as far as he was willing to connect Cameron's campaign to the Clintons's.

The political aide added that the former secretary of state should be encouraged by the results of the general election. "Cameron showed, again, that all presidential elections are about the future and Hillary is by far the right candidate in the US to do that," he said.

The newly re-elected prime minister will likely remain impartial to the upcoming presidential elections, he noted.

Cameron and the Tories swept this week's general election, earning 331 seats and securing a Conservative majority government. Meanwhile, Labour secured 232 seats prompting Miliband to resign. Liberal Democrats, the Tories's former coalition partner, lost 49 seats in the House of Commons, ending with just eight.