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Unusual election pledges include a promise of a Royal Commission on cannabis Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Fringe political parties standing in this year's UK general election have made a series of striking promises, policies and principles.

The Children of the Atom party, standing in Shrewsbury & Atcham is nothing if not generously inclined. It is promising debt-free money and a universal regular payment to every British citizen.

Speaking to the BBC, the microparty's leader Stirling McNeillie declared: "Changing the world for the better cannot be achieved with systems that are built for a bygone age and to enrich the few. We need to start again from scratch."

Age of Love

Over in Derbyshire Dales, the Humanity Party is keen on love and peace, campaigning with the slogan "love is always the answer".

The part does not lay down policies as such, saying that they are for members to determine as they see fit. However, it does have a set of guiding principles, of which universal peace is the most prominent.

The party's policies says, "universal peace can only come about through learning to embrace our inner 'demons', our shadow behaviour, and then to consciously and collectively choose inner peace".

Cameron's nemesis

In Witney the Land Party's sole candidate, Derek Jackson, is standing against David Cameron. The party's main policy is – unsurprisingly – for everyone to have

The party's main policy is – unsurprisingly – for everyone to have land. Other policies include international freedom of movement.

Key policies of some small parties strike larger chords. Prominent among single-issue parties is Cista – Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol – which has 32 candidates standing in the election.

Cista says it is the first pro-drug reform political party to contest a general election across the UK and it pledges to campaign for a Royal Commission to review UK drugs policy.

This is not the only party who is promoting this policy. Ukip leader Nigel Farage also supports the idea of a Royal Commission on drugs, while the Green Party favours decriminalising cannabis, and, closer to the political mainstream, it is a Liberal Democrat policy to transfer drugs policy from the Home Office to the Department of Health, and to investigate the effects of relaxing cannabis legalisation in the US.