A pigeon being electrocuted on the tracks of Paris' Gare du Nord train station caused a terror alert. With the city still on edge after the terror attacks on 13 November, travellers were alarmed by what sounded like gunshots in the station on Sunday.

A police spokesman though told AP that the sounds were caused by a pigeon that had been electrocuted on the train tracks.

Passengers reportedly fled their trains after hearing the sounds and the station was evacuated at around midday. However, having established that it was a false alarm police allowed people to re-enter the station.

Gare du Nord was also evacuated on Wednesday, 17 November, when a bag was found unattended and police carried out a controlled demolition.

On Thursday, 19 November, French MPs voted for the country's state of emergency to remain in place for three months. The measure grants security services extra powers, and allows bans to be imposed on some public gatherings.

Brussels is currently in a state of high alert with authorities warning that the city faces imminent attack by terrorists. The city's metro has been closed and soldiers are patrolling the streets of the Belgian capital.