Elementary season 3 returns after mid-season break ElementaryCBS/facebook

Elementary season 3 returns post its midseason break tonight, 8 January, 2015, and looks like the new episode will have glimpses of Joan Watson's past career in medicine.

According to the official synopsis of episode 9 titled The Eternity Injection: "When a nurse Watson used to work with asks for her help finding their missing acquaintance, the woman's trail leads Watson and Holmes to another person who has disappeared. Also, Sherlock struggles with his sobriety when he finds the recovery process monotonous."

The episode will also feature an appearance by Sherlock's sponsor, Alfredo Llamosa - who clearly returns to help Sherlock deal with his sobriety issues.

"There is only so much Sherlock can do to distance himself from those who are concerned for his sobriety. Regardless of Sherlock's feelings about the meetings in the present, they have proven to be quite useful for his recovery. Alfredo is an invaluable resource to Sherlock. He is able to get at Sherlock in a way that even Joan sometimes cannot achieve," states a Hypable report.

Elementary season 3, episode 9 airs tonight at 10pm ET on CBS.

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