Ellen DeGeneres with wife Portia de Rossi
Ellen DeGeneres with wife Portia de Rossi Reuters

Portia de Rossi reportedly attended Malibu rehab facility for drug and alcohol abuse in May, but ever since her return, not everything is hunky-dory between the celebrity couple.

While reports of her cheating and alleged divorce from Ellen are making the rounds on media, Portia has turned to longtime friend Jennifer Aniston for support.

According to the National Enquirer, Jennifer has been extremely supportive of Portia and has been there for her, every step of the way.

The source explained, "After Portia got out of rehab, Jen reached out to her and they've been in close touch ever since. The joke among Jen's friends is that she should charge a fee for her counseling. They call her "Mama Jen" because she's a nurturer and caretaker to everyone."

According to the same source, Portia is barraging Jennifer with details of her troubled marriage.

"Jeniffer has listened for hours as Portia poured out her heart over the issues she and Ellen are grappling with, including fighting over whether to have a baby and how to deal with Ellen's jealousy," the insider added.

"Portia confessed to Jeniffer that Ellen is so possessive that she's even threatened by how close Jeniffer and Portia have gotten!"

RadarOnline.com previously reported that celebrity journalist Randy Jernigan will expose the shocking marriage secrets of Ellen and Portia in an upcoming tell-all book.

"Many fans don't know that Ellen and Portia have had a very tumultuous romance since the very beginning," Jernigan was quoted as saying.

Trying times ahead for the couple!