Emily Giffin admits that she went too far with her criticism of Meghan Markle on social media and said she was being mean to the Duchess.

In May, the Duchess of Sussex raised awareness and funds for Save the Children UK by sharing a video of herself reading the children's book "Duck! Rabbit!" to her son Archie to mark his first birthday. Prince Harry could be heard in the background laughing as he took the video.

The clip received different reactions: some praised and complimented Meghan on how she juggled reading to Archie while keeping him entertained. Albeit, there were also those who criticised her efforts and one of those critics was Giffin.

The "Something Borrowed" author wrote some nasty words and called the former "Suits" star "phony" and "unmaternal." She also accused Meghan of poorly playing the role of a mother. She even wrote, "Happy birthday Archie. Go away, Megan [sic]" and her comments became viral after they were captured and retweeted by "Royally Obsessed" podcast co-host Kaitlin Menza.

Man oh man does “Something Borrowed” author Emily Giffin hate Meghan Markle pic.twitter.com/bjnoDNTY9p

— Kaitlin Menza (@heykmenz) May 6, 2020

Giffin talked about her comments to Meghan Markle's video with Archie in a recent interview with the Associated Press. She admitted that her response was uncalled for and that they were simply mean.

"Well, you know, there's one thing to have, you know, to in general have legitimate criticisms of people, but that's a whole other thing," Giffin said adding, "My comments were not legitimate. They were just mean, so that's sort of two separate things."

"I mean, I do think it's OK that there's this whole idea of is it ever OK to criticize one another? You know, as women or as is people like should we just never get to criticize? And I think we can go too far with that," she explained.

The "All We Ever Wanted" writer explained that "Women treat each other as women with kid gloves, especially when criticized." She reasoned that "criticism is legitimate" then reiterated that her criticisms of Meghan Markle were not.

This is the second time that Giffin apologised for her rude words about Meghan Markle. Shortly after she received backlash from her comments, she took to Instagram to write a lengthy apology.

Emily Giffin
Emily Giffin admits that her criticisms of Meghan Markle were mean. Emily Giffin/ Instagram