Emma Corrin has revealed that the moment she was offered to play the award-winning role of Princess Diana in "The Crown" was similar to a marriage proposal.

The actress, who played the Princess of Wales in the fourth season of the hit Netflix original, visited the set for the first time for a chemistry reading with her co-star Josh O'Connor, who played her husband Prince Charles on the series. The show's director Ben Caron and producer Suzanne Mackie were left so impressed with her performance that they offered her the part on the spot, and that too in an adorable way.

She told People magazine about the day, "They were doing some pickups for season 3 and they had asked me to come to set where they were filming to do a chemistry read with Josh. I remember we did the scene a couple of times and then Ben [Caron, the director] turned to Suzanne [Mackie, the producer] and was like, 'Can I do it now?'"

"And he sort of got down and was like, 'Will you be Diana?' It felt kind of like a marriage proposal," the 25-year-old recalled about the moment.

The Emmy-award winner also elaborated the work that she put in into playing the late British royal. She said, "To start with there was a lot of reading, and watching and that kind of thing. But I actually found that I sort of reached a bit of a brick wall with it."

To break the wall, Corrin began working with choreographer Polly Bennett who choreographed many dance scenes in the series. According to Corrin, a lot changed when she started working with Bennett and they worked together on a lot of character and movement stuff together.

"We started working on basically figuring her out, inside out. So taking our story, the scripts, and figuring out her arc over the series and what she'd be feeling at this moment, and then why she would do that," she said.

Corrin also said that she is grateful that she shared the journey of "The Crown" with her "best friend" O'Connor, who also won an Emmy for his portrayal of Prince Charles. She said, "He is just the best friend I could have wished for. Just constantly had my back. And we have a very similar sense of humor, and that kind of thing. I think our lives have changed in quite similar ways, but we have similar philosophies on that kind of thing, which is really, really helpful."

Emma Corrin
Emma Corrin and Josh O'Connor both won at the 2021 Golden Globes Award for their portrayal of Princess Diana and Prince Charles in Season 4 of "The Crown." The Crown/Netflix