Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson as Lucious Lyon and Cookie Lyon in Empire fox

Cookie and her team start their own record label with her two sons Hakeem and Andre, which will not prove as easy in the second episode of Empire season 2. The upcoming episode is titled, Without a Country, which will air on 30 September on Fox.

In the same episode, Jamal will be seen focussing on his business and is on the path of becoming as ruthless as his father Lucious. Also the Lyon head hires a new lawyer played by guest star Andre Royo and gets out of jail.

Here is the full description for episode 2 released by Fox:

Cookie and her cohorts decide to start their own small record label, but it's off to a bumpy start as everyone has different visions for the new label. As his first project for the new company, Hakeem decides to form a girl group and woos a hot Latina lead singer (guest star Becky G), proving that he can be more than just an artist. Meanwhile, Lucious, feeling extra pressure from a bloodthirsty prosecutor, hires a new lawyer (guest star Andre Royo) and records an epic track from inside jail. In Lucious' absence, Jamal neglects his music and makes business moves that further his journey toward becoming every bit as ruthless as his father in the all-new "Without a Country" episode of Empire.

The premiere episode titled, The Devils Are Here, saw Lucious in jail, but he is more than capable of handling his company's affair from behind bars. Cookie stages a free Lucious concert to win over a new investor Mimi Whiteman (Marisa Tomei), but her plan for a hostile takeover failed after Lucious managed to buy off Mimi after shelling out millions of dollars.

After learning of Cookie's intentions, Jamal is furious at his mother and asks her to leave his house and fans will see Jamal transforming into the mean businessman in the upcoming episode.

The promo for episode 2 shows Lucious walking free out of jail and he tells the media, "Today is the beginning of a new era for Empire." Lucious is also seen urging Anika to betray Cookie and give him all the inside tracks of their next move. "After all you have done, you actually think that I would betray them for you?" questions Anika.

To know more, watch all the drama that unfolds in Without a Country, which will air on Wednesday, 30 September at 9pm EST on Fox.