With only three episodes left, the "Empire" season finale appears a lot closer. The FOX network drama is set to end in two weeks. While fans will enjoy the all-new episode 16 this Tuesday, here is what's coming next. Want to know what's happening in episode 17. Read on.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Empire" season 6. Do not read further if you don't wish to know more about it.]

"Empire" season 6 episode 17 happens to be its penultimate segment and it carries the title "Over Everything." In the next chapter of the series will Lucious and Cookie come together as a team to make things right for Empire?

As per the official description, the upcoming installment will see Lucious and Cookie join hands to bring Empire and Bossy Media back on the top. Lucious takes control of things at Empire and realises Andre's mistakes and Kelly Patel's involvement. Meanwhile, Cookie has a plan to relaunch the BossyFest but things don't go as planned when ASA challenges her.

In an unexpected twist, some good comes out of Hakeem and Maya's unlikely partnership and Becky throws a birthday bash.

"Lucious continues to run Empire and discovers some of Andre's business missteps by way of Kelly Patel (guest star Pej Vahdat). Meanwhile, Cookie tries to relaunch BossyFest but is met with major obstacles from the ASAs. Also, Hakeem and Maya's unlikely partnership proves to be beneficial and Becky celebrates her birthday," reads the official description via Spoiler TV.

Fans are informed that the post was written ahead of the broadcast of episode 16 "We Got Us." Therefore, the information remains scarce and the promo is not available yet. The trailer for episode 17 is expected to be out after the broadcast of episode 16. So, stay tuned for updates.

In other news, "Empire" season is ending early. As per the Deadline report, the showrunners have decided to conclude the series with "Empire" season 6 episode 18 and not episode 20 as planned originally. The changes to the show's schedule were made due to coronavirus outbreak which forced the studio to halt the production. The episode 18 will now serve as the series finale.

Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon
Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon on Fox's show Empire Fox

"Empire" season 6 episode 17 airs Tuesday, April 14 on FOX.