Chad Leslie Peters
Chad Leslie Peters looking for a woman to be in his new book (Chad Leslie Peters/Amazon)

An erotic author has posted a job advert looking for a "young female" who will help him write the follow-up to his first novel, The Affair: A Four Week Experiment in Love.

Chad Leslie Peters posted the ad on Craigslist writing: "Author needs female participant for affair (for book project)."

In the advert, Peters explains that for his next novel, he wants to write a non-fiction book about the real-life events that take place over 30 days.

His first novel tells the story of a 30-day love affair "between an older man and his much younger lover". It is set on the campus of a university.

"I am preparing to write the sequel to The Affair and I need your help. I plan on writing a non-fiction version of The Affair. The book will detail every aspect of a mutually agreed romantic affair between myself and a young female lover (perhaps you), experienced over 30 days, as in the novel.

"The difference between the first book and this one will be verite: everything in this new volume will be the truth as both participants see it."

Peters says that the young woman who gets the job will have to keep a record of her sexual experiences over the 30 days: "If you agree to participate in this project, you will keep a diary of all of your thoughts, impressions and memories of the affair that we will share.

English or writing major preferred

"I will then combine your written thoughts with my own to present the reader with two versions of the same erotic story. One love affair, as seen separately by the man and woman."

The author assures potential applicants that he is a "serious writer". "This has never been done before and I am very excited at the prospect and possibilities," he explains.

Peters says he will decide who gets the job based on a "brief email correspondence" after which he will meet the candidate for coffee.

"I am looking for someone who is a very good writer (your writing will appear in the book) and preferably an English or writing major. Please practice safe sex if you want to participate. You must be at least 20 years old to take part in the project."

Peter's first book is available from Amazon as a Kindle edition. The blurb states: "The Affair is unquestionably one of the most graphic depictions of a relationship ever presented.

"If you are easily offended by frank language and explicit sexual situations, please do not buy this book. Read it only if you have the courage to."