Captain America: Civil War
Captain America: Has the superhero been up to no good? Marvel

A young man dressed as Captain America, who completely missed the point and ideals of his superhero costume, used a pistol to rob a Kentucky bank, police said on Wednesday (11 May).

The armed robber, wearing a Captain America mask and sweatshirt and accompanied by two cohorts, fled on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash from the City National Bank in Lexington.

The trio, all apparently young — possibly teenagers, according to police — vanished into the woods behind the bank. Police using dogs to track them found a witness who saw the three climb into a car he described to investigators, reports the Lexington Herald-Leader. No one was injured in the robbery, but bank customers were "shaken up," said police.

Police have also obtained surveillance footage from the bank, but 'Captain America's features were well hidden. His accomplices wore sweatshirts with hoods covering much of their faces.

The robbery took place just as Captain America: Civil War is breaking box office records at movie theaters across the nation. However, this isn't the first time Captain America has inspired would-be robbers. In April, a man dressed as the Marvel hero was linked to robberies in Texas and in 2012, a suspect in a Captain America mask was busted in the middle of his third robbery in Modesto, California.