Former Labour leader Ed Miliband has joined current leader Jeremy Corbyn at a rally in Doncaster to back the 'remain' campaign ahead of the EU Referendum. The pair spoke in front of a crowd in the city centre on 27 May.

It is the first time the former leader, who stepped down after the 2015 general election, has appeared publicly with his successor. Miliband introduced Corbyn, and used his speech to remind the public that the referendum is not just about the Tory party leadership.

Conservative MP Boris Johnson and UK prime minister David Cameron have dominated the narrative of the referendum so far. But Miliband was keen to remind the crowd that Labour are also campaigning in the vote.

He said: "We want to say very clearly today to the nine million people who voted Labour at the last general election, to all of those people who support Labour, that Labour stands for remaining in the European Union".

Corbyn and Miliband joined Don Valley MP Caroline Flint in addressing the crowds at the Labour In event. The left-wing leader said the European Union was vital to bringing about a "sustainable cleaner environment".

"Those who are arguing for a 'leave' vote on June 23, you know what they say? On the 24th, there will be a bonfire of regulations. Now, regulations never sound nice. But when those regulations guarantee you a holiday, guarantee you security of employment, guarantee you from discrimination, give you the opportunity for clean air, clean beaches, for a sustainable environment, then they're regulations worth having".

Corbyn has been touring the country campaigning to stay in the EU, with the veteran Labour MP visiting Hastings and Liverpool in recent weeks.