There have been renewed clashes in Lille between the French police and football fans which have led to 36 arrests and 16 people sent to hospital.

English and French fans clashed again on the streets into the evening with police firing tear gas into a drunken crowd. Riot police charged at hundreds of England football fans as flares and bangers were lit.

At about 10.30pm (11.30pm BST) local time on Wednesday (15 June), close to Gare de Lille, about 50 English supporters were followed by French police. The supporters ran through the narrow streets of Lille chanting: "Russia where are you?"

Some of the group damaged cars on the way and they were also pursued by English police who detained the person whom they thought was the group's leader.

At about 11.15pm (12.15am BST), fans arrived at a series of bars where French supporters had been celebrating after watching the game their team had won against Albania. A group of England fans walked up the Rue de Gand and started running. Then they were charged at by a group of about dozen supporters.

(WARNING: CONTAINS VIOLENCE) Video filmed by IBTimes UK shows the violence in the centre of Lille around 11pm on Wednesday

After an exchange of blows and kicks, the IBTimes UK saw one man with a chunk of glass embedded above his eye, looking like he was about to drift into unconsciousness, before he got beaten up even more.

In separate clashes, about 30 England fans fought with a smaller group of French supporters as they gathered outside the Gare De Lille Flandres at about midnight local time.

They exchanged punches before riot police armed with pepper spray separated the two groups and charged at the England fans to disperse them from the area.

Earlier in the day, riot police surrounded hundreds of England fans in the city's main square and were then pushed back.

Lille violence
England fans in Lille on Wednesday 15 June on an evening of clashes with French police Reuters