Spain jobless
People enter a government-run employment office in Madrid, Spain Reuters

The eurozone's youth unemployment rate has dropped to 23.8% in December as the economic area's job market showed small signs of improving for youngsters.

According to Eurostat, the official research body of the European Commission, the total jobless rate across the eurozone area remained stable at 12% compared to the month before [Fig 1].

But the statistics also revealed that the unemployment rate for under-25s across the economic region dropped to 23.8% in December, down from 24% in November 2013.

Unemployment rate
[Fig 1] Unemployment rates in December 2013 Eurostat

Eurostat also said there were more than 19 million people were unemployed in the eurozone area in December and, of that total, 3.5 million were under 25.

Germany had the lowest youth jobless rate of 7.4% across the region, but Greece – whose figures relate to October – had the highest rate at 59.2%.

The figures come after the UK posted a total jobless rate of 7.1%, according to official figures.

But 920,000 young people (16-24 year olds) were out of work in the country.