Euston underground station was evacuated this evening following a security alert which police have now confirmed was a false alarm.

British Transport Police officers were called to the scene shortly after 6pm on Saturday (7 October) .

Passengers described seeing people running for the exits in panic as emergency alarms were sounded causing "a stampede."

The incident sparked a huge police response as officers arrived at the scene and ordered tube travellers to clear the platforms.

Eyewitnesses said the station was "swarming with police", while members of the public were in a state of panic.

One person tweeted: "Just been evacuated from London Euston underground. Not sure what (if anything) has happened. Above ground rail appears to be operating."

Another passenger said: "Just been evacuated at Euston station, which is now swarming with armed police. Stay away if you possibly can."

"Just been evacuated from Euston station. Police everywhere and a stampede to get away", one passenger tweeted.

Shortly before 7pm, police confirmed the incident was not suspicious and that the station would re-open, Evening Standard reports.

A BTP spokesman said: "Euston station was evacuated following a security alert. Officers have checked everything out. Nothing suspicious. Station has reopened."

The security alert at the central London station follows an earlier incident in South Kensington, where a man ploughed a car into crowds outside the Natural History Museum on Exhibition Road in London.

The Metropolitan Police have detained a man who was driving the vehicle and confirmed that it is a road traffic investigation and not a terrorist-related incident.

Police have yet to determine the assailant's motives but are "keeping an open mind".