Project Aurora EVE Online
Project Aurora will come to a "few small territories" in 2017 before a full launch in 2018. CCP Games

Massively multiplayer online RPG juggernaut EVE Online is headed to mobile as a free-to-play title, EVE developer CCP has announced. The iOS and Android game, dubbed 'Project Aurora', is being crafted by Finnish studio, PlayRaven and will launch fully in 2018.

Described as a "unique mobile experience" set in the EVE universe, Project Aurora adapts the main elements of the 14-year-old sci-fi title, such as space-based combat, territory control and co-operation, for a touchscreen format.

"In Project Aurora, players must work together to dominate the center of the galaxy, and become the most powerful corporation in the universe," reads a press release. "Project Aurora will be a massively multiplayer mobile universe, filled with epic player stories."

Work-in-progress screenshots released for the game (below) also showed mining mechanics, a large-scale battle between multiple players and an in-game chat window. Project Aurora was announced at EVE Vegas 2017 convention, where CCP Games celebrated its 20th anniversary.

"We're all longtime fans of CCP and EVE Online, so we're immensely proud and honored to be working with such a legendary developer and beloved franchise," said Lasse Seppänen, co-founder and CEO at PlayRaven. "It's really a dream come true to have the opportunity to create a new EVE experience on mobile."

"For years and years we have wanted to bring the EVE Universe to mobile devices in a way that is
tailored to the platform and EVE fans," said Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP Games. "We wanted to find a partner who is passionate about EVE, has a track record of producing high quality and deep mobile games and is capable of creating completely new experiences on mobile. PlayRaven fit the bill perfectly."

Project Aurora EVE Online Star Map
Project Aurora EVE Online Moon
Project Aurora screenshots