A former CIA agent will be extradited to Italy to serve a prison sentence for her involvement in the kidnapping of an Egyptian cleric under the post-9/11 US "extraordinary rendition" programme. Sabrina de Sousa, a joint US-Portuguese citizen, was one of 26 people convicted in absentia of kidnapping Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr from a street in Milan in 2003, and taking him to Egypt for questioning.

De Sousa said she was waiting to be told when she would be taken to Italy to serve her four year sentence, AP reported.

She was arrested in Lisbon in October on a European arrest warrant, and has lost her fight against extradition at a Lisbon court and her appeal against that ruling, the supreme court said in a ruling.

Terror suspects were detained and transported to a network of secret US bases and to other countries for interrogation as part of the US "extraordinary rendition" programme. Nasr, also known as Abu Omar, claims that he was tortured while held in Tora Prison, 20 miles south of Cairo. He was released in 2007 after four years in detention.

"Yes, it (the rejection of the appeal) was confirmed about 10 days ago," De Sousa said in a an email response to Reuters. "The (extradition) process started last night. I have no idea of the date because Portugal (Interpol) have to contact Italy to agree on a date."

She said she would like a re-trial so she can present her evidence, and has appealed for the Pope to intervene. She denies any involvement in the kidnapping. Some of those involved in the kidnapping have been pardoned.