While many of us wouldn't dream of mixing our Facebook profiles with work and business contacts, that's exactly what Mark Zuckerberg and Moo.com want us to do.

Facebook has teamed up with British business card printer Moo.com in a deal that will see users of the social network get the chance to put their cover image, profile picture and a bit about them on a shiny new business card.

The service, called Facebook cards, will be available from 17:00 GMT on January 5 and will set you back £10 for 50 cards, but Moo.com is offering the first 200,000 users 50 free cards to promote the service.

Through a Facbook application, users can add their cover image, profile photo, name and place of work/education on the front; on the back you can add a phone number, email and a favourite quote.

We'd recommend not copying the infamous "I'm CEO...bitch" that Mark Zuckerberg allegedly had on his cards in the early days of Facebook.

Facebook spokesperson Jillian Stefanki told the Guardian: "Timeline helps people tell their story on Facebook and feature the parts of their life that mean the most to them. The Moo.com integration makes it possible for people to take the same experience with them offline."

Facebook Cards is available to all 800 million members of the social network and you can get started now by heading over to Moo.com.

Moo.com said: "There are so many great things about you - so why keep it all online? Take your Facebook Timeline offline, and hand it out to new friends, contacts and potential clients. Facebook Cards are simple to make, excellent quality and help show off your personality in the real world."