Facebook has rolled out support for multiple account logins for its Android app after testing the feature for weeks. The new feature soon expected on iOS as well will allow users to log in to their messenger chats via different accounts in a single device. Users will no longer have to sign off and sign back on when they want to switch accounts.

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Posted by Messenger on Friday, 19 February 2016

Facebook Messenger in its post on Facebook said it wants families to be able to use this feature while sharing the same device. The company had been working on this feature for a while after numerous users had suggested that such an option could be helpful for those sharing a single device.

The update to the Android version of Facebook Messenger could hit your device at any time. You can also try to manually update the app by opening the Google Play Store, going to My Apps and checking your pending updates. In the drop-down for the update you should be able to spot the said feature in the What's New section.

Facebook did not set a timetable for making similar changes to its Messenger app for Apple's iPhone and iPad. But given that the testing phase for both OS took place simultaneously we can expect the roll out for iOS soon.

A few days back Facebook had introduced the same feature for photo sharing platform Instagram, which it acquired in 2012. Like the Messenger, in Instagram too users can log in from multiple accounts. However, a bug was detected in the particular update that allowed shared users access to private posts. Let's hope the same does not happen for Facebook Messenger.