Faking it Season 2 Episode 2
Karma will find out about Liam and Amy in Faking It Season 2 MTV

This week's Faking It instalment was all about confessions!

Amy decided to participate in a beauty pageant, following in her mother's footsteps, and Lauren came to terms with the fact that her father is not okay with her being born "intersex."

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Karma finally came out to her family as straight, and introduced Liam as her boyfriend. But the biggest twist came in the last few minutes, when Liam confessed his secret to Karma.

After beating around the bush for months, Liam's guilt about sleeping with Amy (Rita Volk) got the better of him, and he decided to come clean. It didn't end well for Liam, though, as Karma literally barked, "Get out."

The preview for the next week shows her marching up to Amy in school with a drop dead expression.

Amy says: "There is not fixing this, our friendship is over."

In another sneak peek, we see Amy and Reagan waking up in the same bed, and Amy getting Liam's text message, "She Knows."

Rita Volk admitted to Tvline that its "inevitable" that Liam and Amy's sex secret will come out, and the best way to sum up the aftermath is that everything just gets "really sh—ty."

"Amy can't keep it in for that long, and Liam — even though he's known as a player and a liar and a cheat — is actually a pretty good guy," she explained.

"So it's bound to come out, and it's not going to be pretty. ... Everyone gets screwed over and hurt."