MTV's teen show Faking It is winning fans' hearts with its quirky characters and crazy high school drama.

In fact, the network has ordered 10 additional episodes of the hit comedy, which is currently airing its second season.

In the last episode, we saw Karma being finally introduced to Amy's new girlfriend Reagan, in a 'group hang' planned secretly by Shane. Karma acted extremely territorial throughout the entire night, which implied that she has some feelings for her.

After a rather awkward group dinner, Reagan managed to forgive her for everything that she heard throughout the night, and also agreed to be her girlfriend.

While trying to prove that she is Amy's best friend, Karma majorly damaged her own relationship with Liam. He started to wonder whether or not she really wanted to be with him at all, or was just holding onto feelings towards her ex-girlfriend.

In the upcoming episode titled, Zen And The Art Of Pageantry, Karma is going to find herself in a position where she is desperate to show her boyfriend that she is not harbouring any feelings for Amy, following the fallout of last night's episode. Coming clean to her parents that she is in fact not a lesbian is a big step in that direction. Karma and Liam will be taking a major step forward in their relationship.

Also Lauren and Amy are going to be competing in some beauty competition, while Shane meets his new boyfriend's dad.

Watch the episode 8 promo here.

Star Rita Volk recently offered a look at what's to come, beginning with the game-changing secret that propelled us into Season 2.

Volk admitted to Tvline that its "inevitable" that Liam and Amy's sex secret will come out, and the best way to sum up the aftermath is that everything just gets "really sh—ty."

"Amy can't keep it in for that long, and Liam — even though he's known as a player and a liar and a cheat — is actually a pretty good guy," she explained

"So it's bound to come out, and it's not going to be pretty. ... Everyone gets screwed over and hurt."

Also the mid-season premiere promo teased that Karma and Amy will finally hook up, and Liam confesses to Karma that he slept with somebody.

Will the secret destroy their relationship?

Faking It airs Tuesdays at 10:30 pm on MTV.

If you have missed previous episodes, watch it here online.

Here is the mid-season trailer.