Faking it Season 2 Episode 2
Karma forgives Amy in Faking It's Season 2 fall finale MTV

Faking It mid-season finale featured betrayal, love, friendship and a shocking dream sequence.

The finale kicks off with Karma still mad at Amy, and avoiding her incessant apologies. Cops show up at Hester High and arrest Karma and her parents for selling drugs. Amy punches the cop and goes to jail.

Karma forgives Amy after a lot of drama and a heart-warming speech in the jail locker. While Karma makes it clear that she isn't ready to be best friends again in the way they once were, she is open to the possibility in the future.

Meanwhile, Liam's dad gets Karma's charges dropped, only after he sacrifices his art career and agrees to join the family business.

Also, the cop who arrested Karma's parents turns out to be Theo. He later comes clean to Lauren about being an undercover cop named Anthony investigating Hester High for drugs. Lauren confronts Theo/Anthony about him leading her on and he tells her that none of it was real.

The confrontation leads Lauren to revealing that she is intersex to the entire school. The announcement makes her much more sympathetic to the student body and she decides to use the leverage for her Class President campaign.

Besides, Shane reveals that Duke is gay. Duke then publicly declares his love for Shane at a press conference.

But the most twisted part happens in the last few minutes of the episode. Amy dreams of Karma while she is camping with Reagan, which reveals she is still in love with Karma.

Karma's equally weird dream proves that even though she hooked up with Liam she still doesn't trust him or Amy.

Plus, she was dreaming about kissing Amy. Is she falling for Amy?

A report in Tvline suggests, "that dream Karma had shows her feelings are complicated. There are definitely still trust issues."

Executive producer Carter Covington told the website, "Our first season finale was so epic that I felt like we set the bar high."

"I wanted to continue the tradition of Faking It being a show that has crazy season finales. I think we succeeded."

"In the end, I really wanted fans to know that [Karma and Amy are] going to be OK," Covington said. "She's going to forgive Amy and try to move forward in their friendship."

Faking It will return with the second half of Season 2 somewhere around next year.