Fallout 4
New glitch in Fallout 4 is caused in the reselling process Bethesda

Fallout 4, released to gamers on Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms across the world on 10 November, has now seemingly fallen prey to a new glitch that lets players earn infinite bottle caps, ammo and weapons. With this exploit, players can actually obtain in-game currency and ammunition in the form of gifts from vendors.

Unlocking the latest glitch is easy. Follow the steps below to check out if the exploit works.

Step 1: Find and approach an ammo vendor.

Step 2: Buy all stocks of a single ammo type that the vendor has.

Step 3: Choose one round of the ammo you just bought, and sell it back to the same vendor.

Step 4: After Step 3, sell back all the remaining rounds of ammo you bought. Even after selling all the rounds, you should see one round of ammo left in your collection. This is reportedly due to the new glitch.

Step 5: Now exploit the glitch by selling this remaining ammo round to the vendor, till he/she exhausts all bottle caps (in-game currency in Fallout 4).

Step 6: After Step 5, buy all the ammo rounds in the vendor's possession. You can select whatever ammo/weapons you want and continue to trade.

Step 7: Vendors in Fallout 4 always get new money after 24 hours of trade. You can choose to sleep for this period and return to the same vendor to obtain money and new ammo.

[Source: Geek].

Bethesda has yet to roll out a patch for this exploit but a fix is likely soon. Gamers can also select multiple in-game companions and initiate romance with them to unlock additional extras. Click here for a guide detailing how to open up to companions and begin romantic encounters.

Fallout 4 is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC now