Fallout 4 petition request

For over two years now, there have been a plethora of rumours pertaining to Fallout 4, but the game's developer, Bethesda, has remained silent about the matter.

As fans, we can't do anything beyond dreaming about the purported game. The Internet has been filled with thousands of wish lists detailing what fans of the franchise would like to see in Fallout 4. Here are some of the most exciting ideas yet.

Big Decisions During Early Game

"I think that it should give you some big decisions to make early on in the game. For example in F3 when you can blow up Megatown. Or in FNV where you can decide the fate of GoodSprings. If more of these choices were in F4 it would make you stop and plan the future, ultimately giving the game a more grand feel" - zanderson15

Players Should be Allowed to Start Factions

"Players should be granted the ability to start their own factions. Owing to the fact that the game is massive and that its world is riddled with chaos, this option would make things beautiful. Factions would allow for an extremely powerful and involving gameplay experience" - tariq1209

More Guns

Who can say no to more guns? Even though we love every weapon from the older games, we'd love to see a massive arsenal of fresh, powerful and radical new weaponry. Hope Bethesda makes that happen. The fans will worship them for it" - pensandsmokes

Modernised Combat

"There's a lot that the makers of Fallout 4 can take from modern day FPS titles. Fallout 4 can't do without advanced gameplay mechanics. Sprinting, down-sight aiming, and environments more carefully designed to provide cover" - salamander499

More Realisitc Nutrition System

"Players had to take elements like sleep deprivation, dehydration and starvation into account in the Hardcore mode from Fallout: New Vegas. The concept should become a more integral part of gameplay for Fallout 4 and should force players take better care of their bodies with clean food, water, sleep and more." – aceventura69

Greater Impact of Perks and Penalties

"My coworkers and I were having this conversation last week, and we agreed that the one thing really missing from a lot of Bethesda games is penalties and perks. The example brought up was the Orc race in Skyrim - in the past, Orcs were spectacular warriors, exceptionally strong and tough, but severely lacking in magic. In Skyrim though, and even in Oblivion, you could (with relatively little effort) make a solid Orc Mage. No real long-term penalties to magic, as the starting traits could be overcome by mid-game item buffs.

"Relevant to Fallout, I want the SPECIAL stats to have a bigger impact on your playing style. Ignoring the end-game Almost Perfect perk, in 3 you could max out every skill, even if the related SPECIAL stat was a 5 or less. In my mind, a player with 4 INT shouldn't be able to repair a laser rifle at all, and any attempt to do so should break the rifle and deal a nominal amount of damage to the character. A character with low strength shouldn't be able to use, or perhaps even carry, large weapons like the rocket launcher.

"Conversely, a character that specializes in a certain area should get better perks. Max endurance gives you the ability to run, even when over-encumbered. No fast travelling, and no perk to allow that, but allow them to still run with an overload of 100kg. Max out your intelligence and you learn to tweak your firearms to give 10% more damage, a cleaner and faster reload, it something to that extent. Or maxing Luck gives you more powerful crits overall, and a 5-10% chance to one-shot an enemy. Max agility could halve reload speed, holster speed, and give you 1.5x AP in a pinch.

"By the time you could get these perks, they would be really handy, and it would make the playthroughs very different." - thetompkins